Everyone Wins - spins, cash at All Slots – 5,000 Loyalty Points? You Got It!

Today is DEFINITELY your day! Today starts the very best promotion you have ever been exposed to! A lot of FREE SPINS, loyalty points, multiplied bonuses (up to 10 times multipliers may apply), flat credits and so much more can now be yours! The best promotion that announces the end of the summer will be available for a whole month, during 5 subsequent rounds, and you will be able to play, and play, and play, and enjoy guaranteed wins! So don’t hesitate or wait any longer! Best prizes and rewards are now waiting for you and you better seize the opportunity before it's too late!

How Can I Win This No Download Pokies Promotion?

Winning the promotion is SO easy! All you have to do is play!! The promotion itself is comprised of 5 rounds and during each round you must play at least three days in order to be eligible to receive cards. Each card you win is equal to one prize you will get once you claim your benefit. During the first week, however, you are eligible to withdraw one card regardless of the number of days you have already played, so you get to enjoy a taste of our special bonuses simply by joining the party! Once you play 3-4 days during a certain round, you automatically reward yourself with 1 card which will count for 1 prize.  5-6 days will benefit you with 2 cards with which you will be able to receive 2 prizes once you claim them. The highest amount of cards will be granted to you upon playing each and every day of the week (exactly 7 days), and 3 cards as well as 3 prizes will definitely be yours! Be sure to keep in mind that a minimal amount of three days is mandatory in order to claim your cards during every round, excluding the first round.

Claiming the Prizes

Congratulations! You are qualified for prizes and can now collect them! The party definitely starts at this very moment and it is only important that you learn all about the methods of withdrawing your cards! The only thing you will be required to do is navigate to the web page of the Bonus Showdown Promotion, and then click "Draw My Prize". Once you do, all cards you already own will be immediately rewarded to you and you will be able to seize them!

Make sure you address this page during each round you are eligible to withdraw prizes. In case a round is over but you did not claim your cards and prizes, the bonuses will be forfeited and you will not be able to claim them again.  This applies both for claiming the cards and seizing the prizes offered!

So What Are My Prizes?

There are so many prizes you can win over here it gets really difficult to count!

FREE SPINS will be available for you on the following games: Avalon, Bridesmaids, Sure Win, Hot and Heads, and Asian beauty. Once you receive the FREE SPINS bonuses it is YOUR decision at which game, or games, you want to play, and you may surely combine a few games while seizing your FREE SPINS bonus! Moreover, you are completely unlimited when it comes to the device or platform through which you are playing, so feel free to address the promotion from your mobile device, Instant PC Play and even the Download version! All options are legit!

Are you more into credits? If so, a bonus of 2-100 credits is also available over here and in case you play in SEK you can count on receiving 10X of the stated amount! Yes, that's right! A 10X multiplier applies for YOU!

Are you looking for additional benefits? Well, you can surely find them in the great party of this promotion! From 100 loyalty points up to 5,000 of them, and all the way through double points on the featured game of the round for 24 hours, there is completely no doubt the benefits NEVER END! Or in other words - everyone wins - spins, cash at All Slots!

Beware that some benefits, such as FREE SPINS, bonus credits and loyalty points may require a deposit in order to claim them. If so, the amount required will be listed on the offer which will be presented to you after you withdraw the card or cards you won. The best news in this wonderful story is that all the payout you win while playing the FREE SPINS will be credited to your personal bonus balance!!!

OK OK OK, You Got Me! When Can I Start?

You can start at this very moment! (And honestly, you should!)

The promotion, as previously mentioned, is combined of five subsequent rounds, and the first one is happening right now!

September 6th is the day everything starts, right at 7 AM, GMT, and for a whole week you will be able to collect more and more cards, as you wish! The first round will come to an end at September 12th 23:59 PM, GMT.

Done with your first round? It's time for the second one! Embark on your experience from September 13th, and keep on playing all day and all night until it is September 19th, 23:59 PM, GMT!

Third week will start at September 20th, 7:00 AM and will keep going until September 26th 23:59 PM, GMT.

Week number four will start right after third one ends, at September 27th at 7:00 and will be over at October 3rd, 23:59 PM, GMT.

Lastly, we can play the last and shortest round of them all – our fifth one! October 4th until October 6th should be well kept in your diaries since they will mark the last opportunity you have to play and enjoy this amazing no download pokies promotion at All Slots -  Bonus Showdown!