Mermaids Millions Pokies

Tales of mermaids have fascinated people around the world for thousands of years. From Greek mythology to modern naval warriors, there has always been great interest in half-human, half-fish females. In general, sighting a mermaid -- the word comes from the French word “mer,” meaning “sea” -- was believed to bring luck and good fortune. Now the Australian online casino offers you a chance to combine the fascination of mermaid culture with the opportunity to earn some real cash prizes in the exciting Mermaids Millions pokies for PC and mobile gamers.

Mermaids Millions is a fun-filled slots which draws Aussie players into a fantasy world of jewels, coins and imagination. Mermaids Millions pokies gives you multiple chances to earn your portion of the treasures that are hidden under the sea. You’ll interact with underwater creatures as you spin the reels and try to reach the hidden caches of submerged riches. There’s lot of prizes in this game and when you add the multipliers, free spins and Treasure Bonus round, you’ll find yourself swimming at the top of the pond.

Mermaids dart from place to place on the reels, through  sea urchins and other underwater beings, assisting you as you create combinations and collect your portion of the sunken treasure. If you’re playing on your PC device you can enjoy the game at the Download Casino on casino software that you download into your personal laptop or desktop console. Alternately, you can play Mermaids Millions pokies no download Flash Casino slots on any public casino’s browser. Mobile gamers can play on the casino app or mobile online pokies no download on their mobile browser via the casino’s Wifi or cellular connectivity. However you prefer to play, you’ll have a swimmingly successful gambling event with Mermaids Millions pokies.


The earliest legends of mermaids can be traced back to the Assyrians who described the sea goddess Atargatis. Sailors on Greek and Roman ships reported mermaid sightings and many superstitions arose regarding a mermaid-sighting as foretelling perilous events such as impending storms, shipwrecks, floods and drownings. Other folklore traditions describe the mermaids as being benevolent or beneficent. Columbus reported seeing mermaids during his explorations of the Caribbean. Even today, in locations as diverse as Canada, Israel, Australia and Zimbabwe, mermaids-sightings are noted.

In addition to operas, paintings and stories, mermaids have entered modern culture, so it’s no surprise that the Mermaids Millions pokies is one of Australia’s most popular casino slots.

Mermaids Bring Millions

Open up your casino account and discover the fun that awaits with Mermaids Millions slots. Whimsical  mermaids and their underwater friends accompany you as you try to locate and retrieve treasures that lie on the ocean’s bed. As the reels spin you’ll see bright, dynamic images with captivating graphics that combine with a sound track featuring the click-clack of the slot machine's reels and underwater sounds. Regardless of whether you play on your PC or on your smartphone or tablet mobile device you’ll feel as though you’re making your way through a genuine Las Vegas casino adventure.

Mermaids Millions symbols include the lovely Mermaid, a clam who grasps a gleaming white pearl, stern King Neptune, an intriguing sea horse and the riches which include a jewelry box and a treasure chest overflowing with gems and coins. You’ll also see the traditional deck of card symbols including tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces.

The game's Wild symbol, King Neptune, substitutes for other symbols and facilitates more completed paylines. Three Neptune symbols, displaying concurrently, create create their own winning combination and pay out a Wild Combination payout. There’s one possible Wild combination per enabled payline. If more than one combination occurs on the same payline, a payout is presented for the highest combination.

The scatter symbol is the Mermaid herself. If a spin results in two or more mermaids, simultaneously displayed on the reels, in any position (not necessarily on an activated payline) a scatter combination is created, resulting in a generous scatter combination payout. Three or more Mermaids, appearing together on the reels, results in a Free Spins Bonus Game.

Free Spins

Whenever three scatters display simultaneously on the reels they activate the Free Spins game. The free spins round gives you the chance to spin the reels for free and win real prizes on your completed combinations. Any win that you achieve during the free spins game will be tripled. If three scatters occur on the reels during the Free Spins the round reactivates and your new Free Spins total is added to your original free spins.

The Treasure Bonus Game is activated during the Free Spins.

Treasure Bonus Game

If three or more Treasure Bonus symbols appear in a line on an activated payline during the Free Spins, with at least one symbol on the first slots reel, the Treasure Bonus Game is activated. When the game starts you’ll see twelve objects displayed. Behind each object there’s a random bonus win amount. The object that you choose will reveal the bonus win that you’ve achieved. There’s up to 2,500 coins to be won in this game.

You can choose the number of objects that corresponds to the number of Treasure Bonus symbols that activated the bonus game. Your winning amounts are already multiplied by the number of coins that you bet on each payline, so the amount that you see displayed is your bonus win amount. After you pick all of the objects that you’re entitled to pick, you’ll see the total of all your bonus wins displayed.

Payline Decisions

One tip for how to win pokies involves your decision of how many paylines to enable. You don’t have to enable all of the slot machine’s fifteen paylines, but only those paylines that are activated with a deposit will pay out real money wins. So, if you want to get the most out of your Mermaids Millions pokies event, it’s a good idea to activate as many of the slot machine’s paylines as possible.