Jurassic Park Pokies – 35 Extra Wilds and 12 FREE SPINS In One Game!

Are you ready to rock the world? Are you ready to do things the very best way possible? Are you ready to enjoy the movie based game which can now offer you benefits, rewards, 12 FREE SPINS, amazing FREE SPINS choice, great modes such as T REX Alert and 35 EXTRA WILDS along with multiple other special benefits? The time of your life starts now, at the very moment you decide to spin the reels of the top rated games all gamblers love and enjoy. Once you get into the world of happiness and fun you can make your life completely different! Don't miss even one single moment to change the way you experience your days and nights! With the best pokies strategy to play Jurassic Park Pokies Game, your gambling experience will be completely ecstatic!

What Is the T REX Alert?

How many gambling games did you play so far? If you are an avid player you probably know by now all the "usual" or "ordinary" benefits the different games can grant you with. In case you are already bored with the regular offerings, it is crystal clear it's your time to make a shift and start to play this no download pokies online! T REX is just one of many wonderful examples why this game is so much better than all others! T REX ALERT is a great benefit you simply won't find anywhere else!

Once this mode is activated you are capable of winning 35 EXTRA WILDS which will substantially increase your chances of winning the spins! The Jurassic Park symbol will be stacked on all reels! Enjoy it!

Wait, So What IS Wild?

Wild is THE magical symbol you will deeply enjoy winning! Wild, in case you are yet to be familiar with it, is capable of replacing each and every symbol on your reels (besides the Scatter which we will learn all about right away). Wild, as a matter of fact, is your card to start winning more and more spins in no time and surely no effort at all. So, how does this magic actually work? The truth is that once two identical symbols appear one by the other on your reels, all that you really need is a Wild symbol out there to create a three of a kind for you. The difference would be, of course, in your future payout. Most symbols are not capable of granting you with payouts when only two - of - a - kind appear on your screen. Three of a kind, however, is a whole different story and that's where Wild gets into the picture. Four of a kind can be created, similarly, when it appears right next to three of a kind and a much greater payout will be yours immediately. In case four of a kind is already present on your screen and a Wild symbol is also there… be ready to enjoy greatly by winning five of a kind in completely no time!

Want to hear some more great news? Wild can benefit you twice! The symbol shaped like a black dinosaur on a red background can let you enjoy 20 credits once you win three such symbols. Four symbols will grant you immediately with 75 symbols and 400 credits can be yours right away when 5 Wild symbols appear on your reels.

So Why Can't Wild Replace Scatter?

The answer is – because Scatter is SO special and revolutionary at this game! Scatter has the power of granting you with FREE SPINS and FREE CREDITS with ease and the only thing you will have to do is simply play and play! The orange symbol with the firefly at the middle will mark your victory and freedom as it appears on your reels! Before we get to the freedom part, however, you better know the credits you can enjoy from when Scatter is a part of your game! Two Scatter symbols will grant you with 15 credits immediately and three such symbols will qualify you to enjoy 30 credits in no time! Do you want to receive 300 credits today? 4 Scatters will do the work for you! Asking what more can be granted? 5 Scatter symbols will definitely do the work as you win no less than 1,500 credits which will be immediately added to your payline! Join and enjoy! All the great benefits are waiting!

Now I Want to Play for FREE!

 It is surely time to make that happen!

FREE SPINS CHOICE is standing in front of you as you win 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols (and the awesome payouts that follow them, of course).

VELOCIRATOR will be your first optional mode as you start playing, and 12 FREE SPINS will be granted to you right away! At this benefit Wild will split into two and create for you much better winning combinations as well as up to 6 of - a - kind winnings and 6X multipliers.

TYRANNOSAURUS REX, along with 12 FREE SPINS will also let you enjoy stacked symbols appearing on your reels and the ability to enjoy the T REX as well.

TRICERATOR is just as great, letting you win 12 FREE SPINS with Running Wilds which make, on each FREE SPINS, the wild stack grow by a Wild per reel. Each spin you do not win will make the full stack of Wilds hold partially when stacked.

Are you ready to the BRACHIOSAURUS mode? 12 FREE SPINS as well as up to 6X multipliers can now be yours with symbol stacked on FREE SPINS as well!

DILOPHOSAURUS is your last FREE mode choice, capable of granting you with 12 FREE SPINS and Winning Wilds as well!