Immortal Romance Pokies – Where Your Passion Matters!

The love shall live forever and so shall your passion for the pokies games! With Immortal Romance Pokies, the chamber of Spins, 243 different ways to win and countless opportunities to win up to 25 FREE SPINS as well as up to 364,500 credits you can win right here and right now… there is a 100% chance you are going to fall in love with this game from the very first moment you play it! So let yourself take a loving step into the world of the red – hot – lady, the bluish handsome mister, the multiple unique symbols, and the most amazing benefits and rewards you will certainly not find anywhere else! With four different methods to play and win during the FREE SPINS, as well as multiple gambling options you are not too likely to find anywhere else, your satisfaction is virtually guaranteed!

How to Play Online Casino Games For FREE?

Thought it wasn't even possible? You better think again! When you start playing this game, you don't only need to ask yourself how to win real money in the casino, but also how to do so FOR FREE! Fortunately, at Immortal Romance Pokies your opportunities surely vary and your possibilities are definitely intriguing!

The first symbol you totally want to learn all about is called Scatter, and it is just waiting for the opportunity to benefit you in multiple ways! You will quickly recognize this one thanks to the golden lion spread all over it. Before we get to the FREE part, you would clearly like to know this symbol has the power to benefit you with a lot of credits with almost no effort from your side! This symbol is the only one on your reels that will let you receive some credits for only two of its kind, and no less than 60 credits will be yours when this combination appears on your reels! Once you find three Scatter symbols on your reels, you can know for sure 120 credits will be granted to you immediately. Did you just win four Scatter symbols? Your grant is going to be 10 times better, and 1,200 credits will be added to your payline in no time. Last but not least, a lot of enthusiasm is attributed to winning 5 Scatter symbols. No less than 120,000 credits are immediately granted to you and you can now enjoy spinning these reels a lot of times…

Now, although winning 120,000 credits in one single moment will quickly let you play a lot more spins than you previously thought you can (and thus feel as if all these spins are practically for free), there is a much better way for you to play, and to deposit virtually nothing while doing so!

Three, four and five symbols of this lion will open the door to the most interesting room in our game, also known as the Chamber of Spins! If you are seeking a fine pokies strategy, now is the time to build one! Right from the first time you get into the Chamber, you can expect AMBER, the fine looking lady who will let you play 10 spins for FREE. Although the spins require no deposit at all, be sure to remember you can still win additional credits. Your winning potential is not being reduced at all, and this rule applies to all four modes of the FREE SPINS benefit! All of your winnings will be multiplied by 5X and your FREE SPINS can also be retriggered thanks to the magnificent Scatter symbol!

When the time comes, and you enter the chamber for the fourth time, you can already expect to meet TROY who will gladly welcome you with 15 FREE SPINS and the most incredible vampire bats feature! This feature will let you enjoy a wild turning of random symbols on your reels to 2X and 3X multipliers which can increase up to 6X multipliers in no time.

Afterwards, you will meet MICHAEL who is also known as the third mode of your FREE SPINS experience and will grant you 20 such spins. You will be able to start playing this mode from the 10th time you enter the chamber, and 2X, 3X, 4X and even 5X multipliers can all be applied on your winnings! The multipliers will be applied for consecutive wins, which means the more you play and win, the greater your final payout gets!

Last but not least is our beautiful Sara, with a red dress and 25 FREE SPINS. Sara, which will be your gaming mode from the 25th time you stop into to the Chamber, can also quickly benefit you with the WILD Vine Feature which will transform random symbols on your reels to symbols' – substitutes in no time! In addition to that, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Scatter symbols (yes, the lion previously mentioned), will retrigger 1, 2, 3, or 4 FREE SPINS respectively. 

Crazy! Amazing! Wild!

Do you think THIS is Wild? Wait until you learn all about our Wild symbol and Wild Desire Feature! Wild can be easily recognized thanks to its Immortal Romance logo written on it. Wild can substitute each and every one of the different symbols appearing on your reels (besides Scatter, we must mention), and thus create for you "more of a kind". Two of a kind, appearing next to a Wild symbol will function just as any other three of a kind, and three of a kind appearing next to a Wild will become a four of a kind right away. What about five of a kind? This will be created quite quickly thanks to Wild once it appears next to four of a kind and surely the relevant payout will be immediately granted to you! Want to hear the best news? Wins made with Wild are always doubled and your payout becomes twice as much as it was supposed to be!

Lastly, it is Wild Desire time – this crazy feature can arise randomly and turn up to 5 reels wild! Great payouts are coming!