River of Riches Pokies – Two Wild Symbols and 2,500 Credits!

Are you ready to start playing the most exciting online casino pokies game that's ever been released in the industry? Are you apt to the mission of winning over and over again the game and having as many credits as possible? Did you always find Egypt as a fascinating place with an amazing culture and you simply wanted to learn more about it? If so, and in case you find the ability to win FREE SPINS as well as amazing and incredibly exciting Wild symbols and special benefits – your place is with us! Join the huge crowd of no download casino games devotees who already understand this game is simply like no other! Your gambling experience will change completely once you start playing this game and you will never look back at the games you used to play until this day.

The Excitement of River of Riches Pokies

The very first thing that is truly intriguing about the game is its amazing atmosphere. Once you start playing the game you are warmly welcomed with some very dramatic music that lets you understand the thrill starts right here and right now. Moreover, every time you win a spin the symbols get animated and you immediately feel as if you are watching a movie which gives you a fascinating glance on the past. In addition to the great animations of the symbols, every time you win the spin a fire will start burning in both sides of the screen, making everything much more exciting and unique for you.

Another thing that substantially distinguishes this game from many others is the variety of symbols presented to you. No "spin" button is shown over here but a circled button marked with an arrow. Every time you press this button the reels will start spinning, and you will get another opportunity to win additional credits.

Tell Me about the Special Rewards!

There are so many special benefits you can enjoy from once you start playing the River of Riches Pokies game! All you have to do is understand the fundamental pokies strategy and learn how to use it. Once you are well introduced to all the different methods you can use in order to win, you can quickly understand what will make your payline and account balance look completely different.

The first symbol you surely want to know all about is called FREESPINS SYMBOL. This unique symbol, which looks like a red goblet only requires two of its kind in order to guarantee you a win of credits. Two FREESPIN SYMBOLs (also known as Scatters) will immediately grant you with no less than 100 credits. From the moment you win 3 such credits or more, the whole picture seems completely different. FREE SPINS start to be yours and the FREE SPIN mode gives you a whole different gaming atmosphere. 3 Scatters are worth 200 credits and 10 FREE SPINS, while 4 Scatters are worth 500 credits and 10 FREE SPINS. 5 Scatter symbols are worth a great amount of 2500 credits and 10 FREE SPINS. And once the FREE SPINS start, your game definitely looks completely different. Although the reels will spin and spin for zero credits, your credit potential will remain constant and you will have the ability to add credits to your payline for no risks at all! Additional great news about the FREE SPINS is that between spins 1 to 4 fixed symbols of Wild will appear on your reels and increase your chances of winning!

What IS Wild?

Wild is your best friend at this game. Wild makes everything change, for the best, including your winning potential. When Wild is on the reels you can win a lot more credits in A LOT of ways, and to greatly enjoy it! As a matter of fact, specifically at River of Riches Pokies game you get to enjoy two different Wild symbols and all we have to do is distinguish between the two of them and learn the advantages each of these symbols can offer you.

First Wild symbol looks like a cowboy whose eyes are gazing at the floor, and a golden WILD title appears on the bottom part of it. This Wild symbol is capable of replacing each and every one of the other symbols appearing on your reels besides the Scatter (FREESPIN SYMBOL) which cannot be replaced under any condition. The major benefit you will enjoy from when Wild makes its magic is the creation of different winning combinations for you in cases a win seems as almost impossible.

Let's take for example a case in which two identical symbols appear on lines #1 and #3. Besides the fact these are only two same-kind symbols (and not three, which is the minimal amount required in order to produce you a nice payout, they are not even one by the other which is surely necessary in order to create you a fine payout. That’s where Wild gets into the picture.

Wild, once appearing on line #2 will take the place of the missing symbol and link between the two identical symbols on reels #1 and #3 in order to create for you a three of a kind. By doing so a winning combination will be generated and you will get to enjoy a lot of credits right away. The Wild symbol can also do its magic when winning - combinations already appear on your screen. Three of a kind appearing next to a Wild will become four of a kind, and four will become five. The payout, of course, will be in direct relation to your new combination created.

Now, as promised, it is time to learn everything about the second Wild symbol which takes part at this game. FIXED WILD SYMBOL, as its name suggests, stays fixed on your reels during the game.  One of these symbols will appear on your reels, and up to three of these symbols will be there on reels #4. The FIXED WILD SYMBOLS will stay on the same position even in case additional FREE SPINS are won.

Lastly, beware that these are surely not the only benefits waiting for you over here. MAXBET, bet on 25 different lines, changing betting amounts and opting the AUTO SPINS methods are also possible over here and in order to gain a better understanding on them all you have to do is start playing!

Good luck!