Terminator 2 Online Slots – One Scatter will get you 10 FREE SPINS!

The end is coming! Terminator 2 pokies is about to make everything you knew come to an end. If you were used to "ordinary" gambling games which have no special benefits and rewards, if you never won up to 800,000 credits in one single game, and if you were never exposed to the ability to win 10 FREE SPINS while playing in 1024 different ways… today is definitely your day! Be ready to have your whole world turning upside down and for your gambling experience to change completely! Terminator 2 Pokies holds great opportunities and possibilities for you, and all you have to do is simply enjoy them! Join today the many gamers who already understood they found the game of their lives and accumulate as many winnings as ever possible!

Tell Me about the Most Unique Features I Will Find Over Here!

Did you ever hear about the Scatter symbol? Even if you did, you most probably never had the ability to play with two different Scatter symbols in one game! Yes, that's right! This game doesn't only hold one of the most favored symbols all gamblers deeply enjoy playing with, but it also gives you twice as much and with very some interesting gaming methods as well!

So, first of all let's understand what the Scatter symbol is anyway, so we can later on distinguish between the two opportunities facing in front of us over here! Scatter is a very special symbol that can let you enjoy the FREE SPINS benefit in no time. The only thing you will need is three, four or five Scatter symbols on your reels, and from the moment they are present – everything takes a totally different shape!

The FREE SPINS gaming mode is surely very unique at this no – download- pokies - game! Once the mode starts, the whole atmosphere changes! you get to enjoy different background sounds, the screen then presents you with titles and clicking sounds (which will definitely make you feel you are taking part in a very special agents' mission), and once your spin is acknowledged as a "win" the animations and sounds will definitely be very amusing! You won't be bored for one single moment while playing this game and enjoying this mode! Moreover, be sure to remember the fun doesn't end here! Once you start playing the FREE SPINS mode, an additional row of symbols will be added to your game and make your winning potential increase substantially! From now on you can play and expect to win in 1024 different ways! Rewarding? You bet!

Red Scatter

Red Scatter will apply during the T 800 VISION mode which we will learn all about in a minute. When the Red Scatter appears, and the T 800 VISION mode is activated, a single Scatter symbol will be all that it takes from you in order to activate the FREE SPINS FEATURE and to make the real magic happen!

Blue Scatter

The Blue Scatter will be your secret agent at the regular gaming mode. Although not one single such symbol will make the mentioned magic come to life, different benefits can be rewarded to you even faster! You only need two Scatter symbols in order to be eligible to receive 3 credits right away! Are you interested in winning 6 credits? It's easy! You simply need to win three Scatter symbols and the rest of the magic will happen on its own! With four Scatter symbols, however, you can be sure you'll find 30 credits in your payline, and 300 credits will be yours as you win five Scatters on all five reels!

Amazing! Now Tell Me about the T 800 VISION mode!

This is surely one of the most amazing modes you will ever come across! Over here you can expect all the highest symbols to start benefiting you with mystery prizes you never even thought you can be granted with! In addition to that, as previously mentioned, when the Red Scatter is a part of your picture, it triggers quickly the FREE SPINS mode for you!

Highest Payer Symbol!

Thought the adventure of FREE SPINS is over? You better think again! When you play the FREE SPINS with a fine pokies strategy, you open the door for some really great opportunities in no time! The T 1000 symbol (also looks like a secret agent) will be activated during the FREE SPINS mode and will transform into other characters in order to award YOU with the highest possible winnings of them all! Expect some great grants to be rewarded!

Is That It?

No, surely not! There is a lot more to expect to, especially when you're playing the very best online casino pokies game of them all! Wild symbol is right here to serve you and you can quickly find it with the orange background and the T2 title appearing on it! From now on, it is only time to understand what this symbol is and how it can reward you!

This symbols is surely one of the most special ones you will ever come across since it can substitute all other symbols on your reels (besides the Scatter and the T 1000 symbols, which can already greatly affect your game). By doing so, Wild actually creates for you many additional winning opportunities you never even knew you had! If, for example, two identical symbols appear on your reels one by the other you most probably already understand no significant payout will be yours. However, it is not too late to win a three of a kind! Simply win a Wild symbol (which must appear in adjacency to the two of a kind) and you will observe how the Wild takes the place of the missing symbol on your reels. Three of a kind will be generated shortly and the relevant payout will immediately be yours! Same rule, of course, applies to greater payouts and four or five of a kind can be created for you the very same way!

Many other thrilling benefits are already waiting for you, start playing and discover them all!