Burning Desire Pokies – Fall In Love with Your 15 FREE Spins!

Do you have a truly burning desire to enjoy the most amazing gambling game available for gamblers today? Do you, like many others, want to be exposed to the most amazing game including some truly fantastic benefits, rewards, gambling methods and many other fantastic features you will greatly enjoy? If so, it is definitely the best time to learn all about how to win pokies in general, and what can you win when you play Burning Desire Pokies, specifically! With 243 different ways to play and win, the ability to win up to 30,000 coins, a burning heart with a burning desire symbol (or in other words – Wild!), a golden Scatter symbol which will let you win up to 15 FREE SPINS which can also be retriggered, and a lot of great gambling methods which will definitely make things boiling hot over here, your game will never be boring!

I Want to Play Online Pokies with No Download! Where Do I Start?

With the Spin button! This 5 – reel pokies game contains 243 different ways to win and the best way to seize it is by pressing and re-pressing the Spin button! By doing so, you open the door the vast opportunities of winning combinations which will appear in your screen right away! Gamble feature is also available for you and once you press it, you get the chance to double your win! As a matter of fact, you can click and re-click the Gamble button, almost as much as you want to! This method will be available for you until you reach the gamble limit. The meaning is that for a long while you will let yourself enjoy a great opportunity to win twice as much as can with any other regular win!

I Heard I Can Win Up to 90,000 Coins. Is That So?

Of course you can win that much, and as a matter of fact you can also do so while depositing virtually NOTHING and playing your game for FREE! It is time for you to sit back in your chair, relax a little bit and learn everything there is to learn about the ways to play and win with no deposits at all… you will surely need this information as you proceed...


The most shining and bright symbol on the reels of this no download pokies game is called Scatter and it can reward you more than you ever thought any symbol or feature ever can! First of all, Scatter can grant you with additional credits, in addition to its special feature (which you will learn all about right away!). Even the smallest amount, of two Scatter symbols one by the other, will already grant you with a single credit immediately. When you win three such symbols you get to enjoy two additional credits in no time. 10 credits will be yours as you win four Scatters, and 100 credits will be granted right when you win 5 Scatters on all five reels!

Are you ready to the big reward? Three, four and five Scatter symbols will grant you with 15 FREE SPINS which require zero deposits during the whole time the mode is activated! On the one hand, you deposit nothing and keep on playing, and on the other hand you get to enjoy a great benefit - the same winning potential you enjoyed from while you deposited for each and every spin! All of your winnings during the FREE SPINS mode will be tripled, and the mode can be retriggered thanks to the Scatter symbol which can also appear while you play for free! And as promised, best news are coming now – your winning potential during this mode is more than enough – you can receive up to 90,000 coins as you play for free!

What Now? Are There Additional Benefits At this Game?

How could there not be?! If it wasn't clear by now, this game is surely the most amazing one you have and will ever come across! As such, the game producers are determined to deliver you as many benefits and rewards as you can ever wish for! Therefore, the Burning Desire is not only the name of the game, but also the name of the symbol you definitely want to know all about! This incredible symbol, which is capable of appearing on reels 2 and 4 is capable of replacing each and every symbol on your reels! (Except Scatter which is irreplaceable…)

In case you wonder how this feature can come in handy, you better understand that in case two of a kind appears on your reels no additional credits will be yours, often times. However, a Wild symbol is all that it takes from you in order to transform your two of a kind into a wild three of a kind! Once this symbol appears next to such a combination, Wild functions as if it was the missing symbol, and the payout is immediately yours! Same thing can happen with three of a kind which will become a four of a kind once you let the Wild do its magic and appear in the relevant line! This feature does not end its role here, and the payout of five of a kind can also be granted to you with only four identical symbols which appear at the same spin your Wild does.

I Can't Wait to Start Playing!

Oh, there is no reason for you to keep on waiting! Just join the crowd of fans who already play this game on a constant basis! You will quickly find out there are a lot of additional benefits you are yet to know all about! Auto Play mode, for example, will let you spin the reels over and over again… without clicking any buttons at all… Changing betting amounts is also an option available for you, which lets you have full control over the amount of credits you deposit during each and every spin.

These and many others are now waiting for you to go out and seize them! Good luck!